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While this is by no means my complete body of work (so many projects large and small have come and gone over the past 20+ years), the following samples represent some of my more recent work.

If you’d like to hire me for a web design or video project, hit me up through my contact page.

If you need to register a domain name, or need web hosting, please visit my business website, Mid City Digital.

Web Development

The American Legion,
Department of Texas

The American Legion is a national veterans organization founded in 1919. Each state is represented by its own ‘Department’. I first redesigned this site in early 2007 using the Joomla CMS. Then a few years later we decided to reformat it and up our game using Drupal. After several years of struggling with the quirks of that platform, we finally moved on to WordPress. This is perhaps the most elaborate installation I have created thus far, in terms of both structure and content. I proudly continue to manage and maintain this website for them on a regular basis.


American Legion Auxiliary of Texas

The American Legion Auxiliary is essentially the women’s division of the Legion, and each department has its own Auxiliary. I was asked to develop a new site specifically for them in 2017. They requested that it reflect the layout of the main Department site while also having it’s own style. Since they are working on a tighter budget, I produced a complete screencast tutorial video to teach them how to manage the content of their site on their own, as needed.


Odessa Softball Association

OSA is a non-profit softball league based in my hometown of Odessa, TX. For a number of years this website was a very minimal one page, default WordPress installation. In 2019 I designed the new logo, customized a new site theme, and helped flesh out more relevant content for additional pages. I continue to manage site content and updates on an ongoing basis.


Liberty Richo Photography

Liberty Richo is an extremely talented skateboarder and freelance photographer based in Lake Jackson, TX. I built this website for him as part of his sponsorship deal with GEAR Skateboards, and showed him the basics to add and update his content as needed. Expect to see much more there as time progresses.


Static of Masses

Static of Masses is an experimental electronic music project based out of Odessa, TX. I developed this site in a way that would best reflect their style, integrate elements from other platforms they are on such as SoundCloud and BandCamp, and would also enable them to easily maintain it all at their own leisure. For this project I decided to use the Divi Theme framework for its ease of use, and created a basic video tutorial so the client could easily learn to add/edit pages and posts, and to make other general edits on their site.


Video Projects

Liberty Richo – 2019 Skate Video part

Over the course of 5 years, I worked with Liberty for his debut full length skate video part. I handled the bulk of the on-location filming, coordinated with other filmers to collect additional footage, and edited it all together using Final Cut Pro. In Final Cut, I handled color correction on each clip, created titles and credits, and synched the video to music from an independent artist I’d previously worked with (Mike Truth & the Replacement Killers, from Austin, TX). Uploaded and released on Christmas Day 2019 on Youtube and Bitchute.

In Loving Memory of Cody Edwards

Cody Edwards was one of our first skaters on the GEAR Skateboards team. Sadly, he passed away in October of 2019 at age 21. For several years we’d been collecting miscellaneous skate clips of him, but never quite pulled together a complete video. Last I spoke with him, he was looking to get a new camera and work with additional filmers for better quality clips for a full part. This video is basically where we left off. I filmed a good 50% of the footage myself over the course of a few years, and edited it together in Final Cut Pro. I released it on Youtube just before his funeral for the sake of his family and closest friends to remember him by… Cody was an amazing skateboarder, and an all around amazing dude. He will be deeply missed….

RIP In Peace, Cody Edwards —
December 3, 1997 – October 6, 2019

Shawn Edwards – GEAR Skateboards video part

Shawn Edwards was the first skater sponsored by GEAR skateboards in 2014. I did the bulk of on location filming over the course of two years, and edited it together in Final Cut Pro. I specifically sought out established punk band Noi!se for permission to synch their music (and they were quite pleased with the results). We released it as the first “official” skate video from GEAR Skateboards in 2016.

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