GEAR Skateboards

Had a great time with my skate team today! A few of the guys just got back from a gnarly road trip, and I’ve been so busy managing the online shop, it’s been a minute since i even skated…

I was recently telling some one new to skateboarding about the way skaters seem to have some unspoken bond with each other right when we meet, just automatically by nature… no matter the age, or any other petty shit – you’re a true fellow skater and I see that in you… haha, weird I guess, but hey…. Super stoked that I created this brand and sponsored this entire team!

Whether we coast along at a leisurely pace, or decide to charge forward in our lives, it is up to us to intelligently choose our paths and continue to push forward… I will readily admit, in a lot of ways GEAR Skateboards is basically a tribute to my youth and to all the great times our old school crew had growing up as weirdo outcasts in west Texas in the 1990s… No one got sponsored, because that was not an option in that time or place before the internet and all this shit…. We always figured out some way for ourselves, and somehow always kept skating…. I mainly hope to make GEAR a solid skate brand, and something of a positive creative platform for this next generation of skaters I’ve witnessed coming up.

Please like, share and subscribe to our Youtube Channel, and definitely stay tuned for more!…. much, MUCH more, haha… 😉