His name was Seth Rich

Whoever you are, whatever your path in life, always do your own research, and always follow the path of genuine truth and honesty….

It was many months ago now that literally dozens of my “friends” on social media berated, belittled, unfriended and even blocked me, just for daring to call bullshit on topics like the “Russian hacking” nonsense… I even brought up the case of Seth Rich, and nothing I said or presented, as a merely well-informed civilian, mattered to anyone else who was busy drinking the mainstream media kool-aid…. All victims of full blown propaganda and psychological warfare…

And here we are again…

Remember – His name was Seth Rich…. a true American hero…


GEAR website updates!

Every so often I have to go in under the hood and update a few things… then that leads to tearing things apart and putting it back together from scratch again, haha… Web development is just like skateboarding itself: one-part logic, and one-part wizardry! lol 😛

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