New stuff in 2014!

Posted in The Latest... on June 9th, 2014 by guymon

Could I possibly neglect my personal website any more? Dang, been a minute, huh?….

Well, here is what i’m neck deep in at this point. My very own skateboard company – GEAR Skateboards. Completely DIY from the ground up, just for the pure life long love of skateboarding! Custom designed and hand made to my specs, right here in the USA by fellow skateboarders. Even doing griptape!

GEAR SkateboardsOfficial website and online sales launch June 20th (if I can keep myself on schedule) –

In the meantime we’re posting all sorts of pics and updates on our Facebook page. And when I say “we” I really just mean me and the “board” of directors inside my head, lol… plus a few gnarly friends and amazing artists helping us realize our vision with new original and limited series graphics -

Today I randomly experimented with setting up an impromptu skate shop situation underneath Pirate’s Alley Cafe in Surfside Beach, TX (see pics below). It was such a fun experience, we’re looking at doing this most weekends during the summer down here. And thanks to the awesome futuristic technology literally at our fingertips, we will soon be able to do credit card sales right on the spot with an ipad and paypal. And of course, I’m also looking at working with some of the local surf shops and various independent skate shops around the region.

2014-06-05 13.08.12_web2014-06-08 14.26.33_web


Stay tuned!… Much more in the works, including a road trip to Denver and back! Gonna do my best to document a bunch of it from here on in, hopefully for a future video project. :)


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Unless I get better about blogging here, the easiest place to keep up to date with me these days is Facebook. I usually only “friend” people I’ve actually had some face to face interaction with, but feel free to subscribe to the feed if nothing else. Most of my posts there are public anyways, as I live a pretty open and honest life, as best I can anyways, heh.