GEAR website updates!

Every so often I have to go in under the hood and update a few things… then that leads to tearing things apart and putting it back together from scratch again, haha… Web development is just like skateboarding itself: one-part logic, and one-part wizardry! lol 😛

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GEAR Skateboards 2017 – the answer to YouTube

I have to say, I am pretty skeptical when I hear about new sites and platforms coming out. Keep in mind that I have been involved in all this “dot com” developer stuff since around 1996. A lot of ideas out there are half ass things we’ve already seen before, but this is a proper answer to all the nonsense going on with independent content creators on YouTube — www.Vid.Me … check it out, and if you are any kind of video creator yourself, go set up an account asap!

I really like the way this new platform looks and functions, and the interface is instantly familiar for anyone who has ever used YouTube or other video sites.

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