WEB 101: Part 5 – cPanel, email, MySQL, and more

So if you have been following along on this series, at this point you have registered a domain name, signed up with a web host, spent a little time understanding basic HTML, and you have used either cPanel or an FTP app to upload a “coming soon” page as a temporary placeholder. After that you hopefully went ahead and set your nameservers to make your initial site go live to the world.

cpanel_image001To take this beyond an under construction splash page, we will need to set up some kind of content management system (CMS). I’ll cover some different things about the various CMS on the market in the next and final installment of this series, but to prepare for that let’s cover a few other essential things about cPanel. Continue reading “WEB 101: Part 5 – cPanel, email, MySQL, and more”

WEB 101: Part 4 – Upload and Launch!

So now you’ve registered your domain, and you’ve signed up with an awesome web host. And hopefully you also have a fundamental understanding of how to organize your files, and maybe even understand some basic HTML. At this point you are ready to rock! If your web host is like most shared hosting services these days, they will provide probably provide a backend control panel called “cPanel”. If your host uses a different control panel (such as DirectAdmin or Plesk), they are all pretty similar, and will have all the same basic settings we cover here. Continue reading “WEB 101: Part 4 – Upload and Launch!”